Tue, Jan

New conformable wrap vinyl from Metamark

Metamark has introduced MetaCast MDC, a conformable cast wrapping vinyl. Alongside this comes matched laminate MetaCast MGC.
MetaCast MDC - available in 160cm wide rolls - uses a MetaGlide micro-channelled adhesive for easy repositioning and sliding of the graphic during application and manages its initial adhesion. Once applied, it builds to a powerful ultimate bond and there’s no hatch pattern to show through to the MetaCast MDC face-film said Metamark. Removal is said to be clean and easy. “We’ve redefined and elevated the performance of premium cast films,” said Metamark’s sales director Ian Simister. “Our technical achievement in developing MetaCast MDC is reflected in its ten-year MetaSure warranty. The warranty programme meets the needs of major converters and their customers and has been designed to be the industry’s most flexible, most generous, and most easily managed.” The clear MetaCast MGC laminate is as conformable as the MetaCast MDC that it’s designed to protect. Metamark CEO Paul French said: “We’re delighted to be able to introduce our new premium cast flagship media. It means that there’s now a Metamark product available for every graphics application, specified or otherwise.”

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