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X-Rite and GMG offer proofing bundle

X-Rite and GMG offer proofing bundle

GMG and X-Rite have got together to provide a software proofing bundle comprising the latest versions of GMG's ColorProof 5.1 and X-Rite's i1iO automatic chart reading system (Revision D).

i1iO is a XY scanning table accessory for use with an i1Pro spectrophotometer to create an automated chart reader which extends and automates i1 colour management systems. It measures substrates up to 10mm thick, and is therefore suitable for wide-format printing environments where thicker media or non-paper-based substrates are used.

By including the iO automatic measuring system in its product portfolio, GMG is offering customers the chance to speed up and automate measurement process, either by upgrading an existing i1Pro device or by buying a new complete GMG/X-Rite proofing solution at a special bundle price.?



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