Thu, Oct

CDP recognises Metsa Board’s environmental efforts

Metsa Board has scored A- in the international non-profit organisation CDP’s water and forest programmes. It also scored A- in CDP’s Supplier Engagement Rating, which assesses the companys’ actions in managing fossil carbon dioxide emissions and in engaging supply chain to mitigate climate change.
Earlier this year Metsa Board was nominated on the CDP Climate A List for the fourth consecutive year. In 2019 Metsa Board announced its new sustainability targets for 2030, including a target of having fossil free mills by 2030 with zero fossil CO2 emissions. The new targets also include a 30% decrease in process water use per product tonne compared to the 2018 level. Metsa Board also aims to increase the share of certified fibre in its products to a minimum of 90% by 2030. “We all need to act to combat climate change. I am proud that the work we do at Metsa Board was once again acknowledged by CDP. We continue our activities to cut emissions, mitigate climate change and develop the low-carbon economy,” said Mika Joukio, CEO of Metsa Board. “Our new targets, set out last year, confirm our continuous commitment to the further reduction of CO2 emissions and water usage.”

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