Sat, Jul

GMG UK offers remote proofing service

In response to the COVID-19 pnademic, GMG Color UK is providing a remote proofing service to help businesses to remain operational. The colour management company will assist with proofing requirements for those who can’t access large-format printers in their premises, on a pay per proof basis.
The proofing solution will use GMG’s ColorProof software in conjunction with an Epson large-format printer and GMG ProofMedia. GMG will endeavour to ship proofs within one working day of receiving files. GMG’s remote proofing service can be provided on a variety of media, including: GMG ProofMedia OBA and Non-OBA in Matte, Semi-Matte, Gloss and Newsproof substrates. Also available for Fofra39 proofing is the Epson ClearProof film and metallic foil.

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