Thu, Oct

Onlineprinters renews eco certification

Onlineprinters, owner of UK companies Solopress and LaserTryk, has renewed its French eco-label ‘Imprim Vert’ certification, proving its eco credentials in the process.
Cécile Assayag-Zimmermann, marketing manager of the Onlineprinters group - which sells more than 3000 printed products (including large-format exhibition systems) to more than 1,000,000 customers and which first gained the Imprim Vert label in 2017 - said: “By renewing the label, we are able to document to our customers that the complete production process of the individual printed products is environmentally friendly - from purchasing to production to energy management and employee awareness.” Beginning in 1998, the French Imprim Vert label has been issued by a national advisory board made up of members from various chambers, authorities and associations. The eco-label is used to certify printers which are either located in France or deliver to French customers and are willing to undergo continuous audits. A network of 200 environmental representatives assists the printers in developing and implementing their environmental protection programmes. A total of 1,852 printers were certified with the eco-label in the EU in 2019.

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