Sun, Nov

BPIF launches Display and POS 2 Recycling Scheme

The BPIF, with support from its display and POS interest group, has launched the ‘Display and POS 2 Recycling Scheme’ with Prismm Environmental.

This scheme aims to help companies improve and maintain their waste management and recycling programmes. It provides a baseline and scope on requirements, support and an ongoing direction to improve environmental sustainability, adhering to the various pledges and targets. Those that achieve take part in the scheme will use the logo on communications related to their waste management and share the pledge and targets to promote a level environmental/sustainability level.

The pledge is: that all waste produced has been included into the scheme to ensure accountability; that The Waste Hierarchy, where commercially viable, has been implemented; that companies maintain records of waste collections and treatment routes used; that they introduce and utilise media that is more widely recycled where possible; that they promote environmental sustainability through the supply chain; and that they encourage clients to make environmentally preferable choices.

Targets are set out thus: Prismm Environmental will prepare an initial report upon acceptance into membership that outlines media usage and waste output; this will be reviewed annually and the changes achieved analysed, beneficial or otherwise, and include a summary; recycling, recovery and landfill volumes will be recorded by Prismm Environmental and issued to the site monthly; the BPIF visual display and POS steering group will receive annual recycling, recovery and landfill volumes for each member site, to enable ongoing sector analysis.

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