Sun, Nov

ArtSystems gets behind Display and POS 2 Recycling Scheme

ArtSystems has joined the BPIF to help promote good practice within the wide-format print community, and to help resellers and users understand the new BPIF Display and POS 2 Recycling Scheme launched earlier this month.

“We see ArtSystems as having a unique position as specialist wide-format distributor supplying some of the largest hardware and supplies resellers in the sector, which allows us to act as an educator on the BPIF programme to help our resellers offer compliant advice on media recycling,” said Tom Goddard, media product manager, ArtSystems

The company will shortly be running online briefing sessions for resellers to introduce the programme to them in conjunction with the BPIF over the next two months.

Managed by Prismm Environmental, the new programme sets clear targets to enable ongoing waste recycling management and improvement.

“This is a very exciting time for the sector as it has the opportunity to lead in what will become the new normal across all industries as they move toward an EPR model of waste management. It means some fundamental rethinking on how print design is done, that integrates design, print technologies and then media much more closely. Only by doing this can we remove some of the challenges of environmentally safe disposal and recycling,” added John Draycott, marketing manager, ArtSystems.

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