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Queen's Award for inkjet developer Xennia

Queen's Award for inkjet developer Xennia

Rapid growth in international sales, based on Xennia Technology strategy of using inkjet printing technology to revolutionise industrial markets, has resulted in the Hertfordshire-based firm being presented with a 2010 Queen's Award for International Trade.

Managing director, Dr Alan Hudd, said: "For the last decade we have been implementing inkjet technology in key industrial markets such as textiles, ceramics, packaging, product decoration, biotechnology/healthcare and printed electronics. Over the last three years our international sales have grown at an average rate of 45% per year. ?Export sales currently represent over 90% of our total sales, making Xennia a significant contributor to the UK economy.?

"The level of development of inkjet technology today and the availability of robust solutions, combined with the economic recovery, means we have reached a 'perfect storm' in terms of technological push and market pull," said Dr Hudd, "and we expect to see our sales grow just as rapidly over the next three to five years as we continue our strategy of using inkjet printing modules and inks to allow the rapid and reliable adoption of inkjet technology into industrial markets worldwide."?


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