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Smithers releases ‘The Future of Green Printing to 2026’

More environmentally friendly printing is fast emerging as a key industry trend for the 2020s according to new Smithers report ‘The Future of Green Printing to 2026’.

Among the highlight topics Smithers' research identifies is a wider use of digital (inkjet and electrophotography) print systems  to reduce wastage.

Also highlighted is the rapid adoption of bio-based solvent and water-based inks and increased sales of sustainable substrates.

It indicates greater support for technology platforms that enable the collection and reuse of print materials, both in industrial closed loop and consumer recycling streams. Simultaneously it flags up a desire to implement more planet-friendly working practices among print businesses.

The report profiles the evolution of circular economy principles, key legislative initiatives, the impact on digital and analogue print processes, and major print product segments (books, magazines, newspapers, advertising, catalogues, commercial, security applications, transactional print, printed décor and textiles, packaging, and labels).

Findings are based on primary with printing material suppliers, converters and experts drawn from key markets, supported by secondary research in the form of analysis of published data, official government statistics, domestic and international trade organisation data, company websites, industry reports, trade press articles, presentations, and attendance at trade events.

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