Thu, Oct

Roland DG launches Texart XT-640S-F

Roland DG has introduced the Texart XT-640S-F, a hybrid direct-to-textile/garment solution for short-run jobs.  

Developed to meet a rise in limited-edition collections and fashion drops (clothing items sold in small batches) heavily promoted via social media - the XT-640S-F can print different sizes, colours and types of garment within the same print run.

There are three bed sizes: the XT-640S-F200 has a 1696 x 2090mm bed, the XT-640S-F300 has a 1696 x 3090mm bed, and the XT-640S-F400 one of 1696 x 3818mm. A vacuum table is included, and an optional jig system enables up to six garments to be printed in a single workflow.

The machines use a CMYK plus high-density White inkset for printing onto both white and coloured garments. They are said to have excellent wash test performance and have Eco Passport certification. A one litre bulk ink system is also available.

Roland said a simple digital workflow allows for low production costs and quick return on investment, with realistic print costs of around 0.50Euro per garment (based on printing CMYK plus white using a 300x400mm jig at 720x720dpi resolution).

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