Sat, Aug

Magnus Mighall joins Fespa UK board

RA Smart partner Magnus Mighall has joined the board of the Fespa UK Association.  

“I hope I can impart some of my knowledge and experience within the textile sector of our industry to help widen the appeal of textiles to current Fespa UK members and encourage companies from the textile sector to look at the opportunities that Fespa UK and the wider Fespa community can offer and how it might benefit them,” he said.

“There are still so many opportunities for growth within the textile sector and digital technology is allowing entrepreneurial companies to realise opportunities within their given areas. I want to encourage and grow these opportunities whilst at the same time recognize that the textile industry needs to adapt and develop in an environmentally responsible manner.”

Mighall has been involved in the print industry since the age of 18 and was trained as a lithographic printer. From the age of 22 has been at Macclesfield-based RA Smart, established in 1970 as a commission screen maker, printer and jacquard weaver, and a supplier of specialist textile printing equipment.

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