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Wide-format calender system from Mutoh

Wide-format calender system from Mutoh

From Mutoh Belgium comes the UniFixer 65, a new calender system with a working width of 170cm (66.9in) and operating speeds up to 64.7lm/h. Compatible with Mutoh's entire range of dye sublimation and direct to fabric printers up to 65in wide (Viper, Viper Extreme, Viper TX and Viper TX Extreme) the UniFixer 65 is suited for to the production of indoor and outdoor banners and flags, promotional apparel, decorative fabrics etc.

The UniFixer 65 can be used for heat transfer of paper prints made with water based dye sublimation inks onto polyester fabrics or for thermo-fixation of pre-printed fabrics made with water based direct disperse dye inks. Fast contact heating is made possible by an oil free rotating drum with integrated quartz IR lamp. A feeding table will guide the transfer paper/fabric to the rotating drum.

For heat transfer applications, the fabric is loaded between the printed paper and protective kraft paper. After calendering, the images will have been transferred from the printed paper onto the fabric. Using the UniFixer 65 to heat fix pre-printed fabrics, the fabric is loaded between protective kraft paper. After calendering, the images will have been heat fixed onto the fabric.

Mutoh's UniFixer 65 calender incorporates a rapid response quartz infra red lamp for precise temperature control across the full width. The IR lamp bulb integrated in the UniFixer 65 also features fast heating from room temperature to 200?C (35 minutes) and fast cool down (15 minutes).

For easy and flexible material handling, the calender incorporates six symmetrical and interchangeable self locking media shafts with a core diameter of 3in. Three shafts serve for unwinding materials. The other three serve for take up/winding after heat transfer or heat fixation. No additional tools are required to install the media onto the media shaft.

To remove vapours when heat fixing pre-printed fabrics, the UniFixer 65 can be directly connected to Mutoh's optional fume extraction system.


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