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HP Designjet L25500 is the choice for MTex Goetz + Goetz

HP Designjet L25500 is the choice for MTex Goetz + Goetz

MTex Goetz + Goetz has invested in an HP Designjet L25500 printer to supersede its solvent based machine. Owner Heiko Goetz says that the appeal of HP’s latex printing technologies lies in its high speed and ability to print on various materials as well as its environmental benefits.
The Hamburg-based company was originally founded as an outlet for textiles, apparel and “just a few” wide-format prints but, in the past nine years, MTex has evolved into a well-respected print shop producing innovative applications.
“When we heard about the new HP latex technology and specifically the HP Designjet L25500 printer, we had to try it for ourselves.” explains Heiko Goetz, owner of MTex. “As the machine requires no special ventilation and the inks contain no HAPs it has created a much healthier working environment for my employees, who immediately commented on the improvement in their working conditions.
“The printer’s high speed and the ability to output on various media including photo paper, canvas, films and textiles were a decisive factor in our decision. We have been looking for a wide-format printer that can do anything and everything that is required by our customers,” continues Goetz. “We no longer have speed or quality issues and our customers are more than delighted when they receive their jobs.”

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