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QuarkXPress improves PDF capabilities

QuarkXPress improves PDF capabilities

The QuarkXPress 8.1 updater, which is now available for free download from the Quark website to existing QuarkXPress 8 users, significantly improves PDF output capabilities. It introduces a 'Native Transparency' mode for creating PDFs which can offer designers faster and more flexible PDF output support and provide greater control over their workflow process.

"Greater control of transparency in PDF is becoming increasingly important to our users: enabling output providers to control processes like flattening, optional content and colour management further downstream through native transparency and layer support within PDF is a priority for us. The market is demanding more sophisticated PDF output capabilities and this is a major advance in that direction," said Dan Logan, product manager, QuarkXPress.

QuarkXPress 8.1 is also said to address outstanding issues reported by customers and introduces improved everyday design features. A new keyboard modifier makes picture drag and drop more precise and predictable. Item Styles and Item Find/Change now fully integrate drop shadows, and you can update Item Styles with a single click to reflect changes you make in the layout.

A free, fully functional 60-day Test Drive version of QuarkXPress 8.1 is available for download from http://8.quark.com/en/.

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