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Grafix Direct re-launches at The Bigger Printing Company

Grafix Direct re-launches at The Bigger Printing Company

Cheltenham-based large-format print company Grafix Direct has re-branded itself The Bigger Printing Company and is heavily marketing itself as a company that can print "anything, any size, any shape".
Partner Sebastian Stanley says of the move: "In these tough times you can do one of two things - you can retreat into your shell in the face of it all or you can do as we are doing - face up to the challenges of what is a highly testing financial environment for small businesses and use your energy and professionalism to get you through providing a bigger, better more professional service to your clients."

The Bigger Printing Company, which has a raft of HP Designjets and an Oc? Arizona 250 GT plus various laminators and a Zund contour cutting machine, is one of the few printers in Gloucestershite that can offer such the varied raft of services, including cut-outs and is now being much more proactive in marketing it's offering.

"We have made a concerted effort to improve our marketing and show just what we can do," said partner Nick Howls. "We have won work simply by emailing our whole database - one that we never really did much with - and telling everybody about the rebrand and what we can do. We have recognised that we need to be more proactive and it's paying off."

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