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Drytac launches liquid laminates for outdoor applications

Drytac launches liquid laminates for outdoor applications

Two new liquid laminate coatings have been added to Drytac's range. Both develop a tough exterior finish that is scratch and abrasion resistant and able to withstand the rigors of commercial vehicle cleaning using industrial chemicals.
EnduraCoat UltraMaxx is a water-based gloss liquid laminate tailored for use on both eco-solvent and UV ink prints. As well as for general indoor graphics, the product is useful for fleet graphics, outdoor signage, lorry-side curtains and billboard displays.
InstaCure SuperFlex is a UV curable clear, high gloss thermo-formable coating, flexible enough to form around rivets and stretch into compound and complex curves. Tests have also proved its ability to stretch up to six times its original size. The coating contains a proprietary blend of acrylate and non-yellowing urethane UV curable polymers, to give coated prints flexibility.
Jim Tatum, Drytac's liquid finishing division manager, said: "The combination of high speeds, made possible by our new roll-to-roll attachment, and low costs per square metre, mean customers can make significant profits in this industry with these product applications."

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