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Latex inks to reach more as HP brings out two smaller printer options

Latex inks to reach more as HP brings out two smaller printer options

HP is making its latex ink technology available to a greater swathe of PSPs with the introduction of the L25500 42in and 60in wide-format inkjet printers. The move comes a year after HP first introduced its revolutionary technology via its 104in-wide L65500 printer. The two new models, whose first European outing is at the Viscom Dusseldorf exhibition, will have a price tag of ?15,500 (42in) and ?22,500 (60in) respectively and will be available as of January 2010.?

The L25500, which is aimed at the sign and display market where they are expected to make a significant impact on ROI, environmental credentials, production times and flexibility, use the same latex inks as their big brother to produce instant dry, sharp, vivid, durable and odourless prints on a range of coated and uncoated media. The roll-to-roll/roll-to-floor machines are six-colour (C, Y, M, K, LM, LC) printers with a 1200dpi. Print speeds vary depending on print mode but in production mode (eight-pass) it's 10.6m2/hr up to a top speed of 22.8m2/hr in four-pass mode. There are six thermal inkjet printheads in each of the new machines, and, importantly, these heads are user replaceable, maintaining uptime for greater productivity.

The performance of both indoor and outdoor output from the L25500, like that from the L65500, is considered comparable to eco/low solvent alternatives, and is scratch/smudge proof and water resistant. Outdoors, print is guaranteed for three years - without lamination. Indoor (in-window), that goes up to five years.?

The swing in the marketplace from solvent to latex ink technology since the much anticipated launch of the L65500 at Drupa 2008, says a great deal about the acceptance of the technology as it continues to gather momentum and draw printers away from other ink types.?

Press on Digital Imaging in Rochester, Kent, has been beta testing the 60in version of the new HP L25500 since its installation at the end of August, and so far it's a thumbs up from managing director Andy Wilson.

"We're a challenging test-bed for the L25500 because of the high volume of solvent-based vinyl printing we do. Putting that work through the new printer will be a real challenge for the latex inks - so far it's going pretty much as theory would have it. Using the L25500 over the low solvent printers we normally use will save us time and money, plus, there are the environmental benefits," says Wilson. "All the first impressions are good ones."

HP has also extended its range of substrates for use with its latex printers, including seven recyclable ones and several PVC alternatives to bring the list up to 19. The range now includes:

HP White Satin Poster Paper

HP One-view Perforated Adhesive Window Vinyl

HP Air Release Adhesive Gloss Cast Vinyl

HP PVC-free Gloss Adhesive Film

HP PVC-free Wall Paper?

HP Light Textile Display Banner?

The above can now be collected for recycling via HP's extended Large-Format Take Back Programmme, introduced in the US in January and now running in various European countries including the UK. To sign-up for this free recycling programme, register at the HP website. www.hp.com/recycle.

(See cover story of the October issue of Image Reports to read more.)


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