Sat, Sep

Esko makes a first

The Esko Software Platform has been confirmed as compatible with new Ghent Workgroup PDF Output Suite version 5.0 – which in turn ensures workflows are fully compliant with PDF/X-4.

Ghent Workgroup PDF Output Suite version 5.0 was created for users who process PDF files in the graphic arts industry, as an aid to determine whether their workflows are conforming to the PDF/X standards. It helps determine whether workflows are behaving as expected and identify errors quickly and easily before any errors can impact customer work. 

The most important tool of the Ghent PDF Output Suite version 5.0 package is a six-page PDF with an amalgamation of 48 patches ready to start testing immediately. Each patch tests a specific property of a PDF/X file. The patches can be used on their own, but the intention of the suite is that the patches are grouped together for more effective testing.

Results of processing the output suite in an Esko workflow were verified by the GWG Process Control Subcommittee. Esko is the first company to achieve perfect results across its entire software suite. 

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