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Training a key necessity shows research

Training a key necessity shows research

Training continues to be seen as important to business despite the economic climate according to a survey commissioned by Proskills. Its research showed 39% of print companies interviewed reported a continued investment in training during the past 12 months. Of those print companies questioned 14% said they are suffering from skills gaps, and 80% of these employers said these gaps are having a negative impact on their business, most notably through increased operating costs and workloads.

More than 25% of print companies are aware of the need to increase their workforce skills over the next three years with 12% of print employers indicating an intention to increase their training commitment over the coming 12 months, through the recruitment of apprentices and trainees, the use of external training providers and introducing more qualifications-led training for employees.

Richard Moore, the Print and Paper Industry Lead at Proskills, said: "The key factors currently affecting businesses in our industry are changing customer demands, rising energy costs, the unavailability of credit and competition from overseas. It is vital to have skilled workers who can adapt to the demands of an industry that is constantly challenged by changing consumer preferences and new technologies. Investing in training can help companies through the recession by increasing productivity, reducing operating costs and improving staff morale. It can also aid the research and development of new products and service offerings to help gain competitive advantage in the global market."



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