Sun, Jun

New Meteor package to drive Samba GMA 33 printheads

The first production-ready electronics and software to drive the newly announced Samba GMA line of Si-Mems inkjet printheads from Fujifilm Dimatix is now commercially available from Meteor Inkjet.

Based on silicon micro-electro-mechanical systems manufacturing (Si-Mems), Samba GMA 33 printheads have a native resolution of 300dpi and ink drop size of 5pl, and can jet a wide range of fluids including UV curable, solvent and aqueous inks.

Each Meteor PDC-6GMA print driver card will accommodate up to six GMA 33 printheads. Multiple PDCs can be linked to drive a maximum of 762 printheads.

In addition to launching new GMA 33 drive electronics and software, Meteor has announced immediate availability of the Meteor Development Kit for GMA, designed to ease print system design and speed time to market. Multi-head, multi-ink configurations can be evaluated and integrated using electronics that can then be transferred straight to manufacturing. The Meteor Development Kit for GMA comes with drive electronics, software, cabling, power supply and cooling assembly.

Clive Ayling, Meteor’s managing director said: “We have a long history of collaboration with Dimatix, having launched our first Meteor-branded drive electronics for Dimatix printheads in 2006. We are proud to be the first supplier to offer production-ready electronics to drive the new GMA 33 printhead providing customers an easy to integrate, scalable solution with the assurance of long-term, reliable supply for high volume production requirements.”

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