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Inca's Print Run Controller streamlines production

Inca's Print Run Controller streamlines production

The ability to automate the scheduling and collation of versioned jobs is now seamless on Inca Digital wide-format printers with the launch of the Inca Print Run Controller (PRC) software module.
With high speed printing rates making digital production more versatile and profitable, PRC allows users to schedule the print order and produce print jobs quickly and simply. It prevents RIP and workflow bottle-necks, streamlines production, reduces operator error and post-print collation requirements, and enhances customer service.
PRC's ability to RIP once/output once or RIP once/output many, depending on run lengths, cuts job changeover times. Users now have the opportunity, for example, to pre-define print jobs by geographical location and delivery priority. This has the potential to reduce shipping and collation costs significantly, whilst at the same time maximising the time customers have to produce the job. PRC is fully compliant with PPML 2.10 (Personalised Print Markup Language) and works with a user's RIP to transform image files into a format which can be output as normal.

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