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Demand for a freeze on new small business laws until General Election

Demand for a freeze on new small business laws until General Election

The Forum of Private Businesses (FPB) is calling for a freeze in new business legislation to allow the Government to re-assess the burden of red tape. The proposed moratorium would last until the General Election.

With the Pre-Budget Report (PBR) less than a month away, the FPB is lobbying the Government to ease regulation on small businesses after finding it costs them almost ?12 billion per year.

FPB policy representative, Matt Goodman, said that a hiatus in new small business laws during the months before the election would be the perfect opportunity to launch the first 'Comprehensive Regulatory Review'.

"The Government must ensure that regulations are proportionate to their aim," said Goodman. "We want departments to get to grips with all the various aspects of the regulatory burden on businesses and a Comprehensive Regulatory Review would provide just that sort of understanding.

"By committing to a moratorium and the first Comprehensive Regulatory Review before the General Election, the Government can extend the pre-election period and use that time to make 'joined-up government' a reality." ? ? ?

Research carried out for the FPB's quarterly Referendum survey found that, not only does complying with regulation costs small businesses a staggering ?12 billion per year, they also devote an average of 37 hours per month on compliance.


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