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Canvas prints reduce noise pollution

Canvas prints reduce noise pollution

Large-format graphic consumables supplier, ap denmark, has found a niche market with canvas graphics that can be used to reduce indoor noise pollution. The 'acoustic graphics' application developed by ap denmark and initially produced by Sumopix using HP Designjet printers and media, is seen as having potential in many public places such as schools, businesses, architecture firms and by managers of other public buildings.

Due to the current trend in minimalist interior d?cor and the eradication of soft furnishings, noise levels within many Scandinavian businesses and public places have become an expanding health and workplace issue. Ib Norholm, ap denmark CEO said: "Market interest in this new application is huge, as it's a great way to solve the problem of sound reduction, while also enabling the production of bespoke graphics and images or branded decoration. The new solution includes HP canvas stretched on wooden frames, HP inks and the images printed on the HP Designjet Z6100 - this complete HP workflow ensures colour and print quality assurance.

"The graphics' acoustic capabilities are provided by a unique foam filling that is inserted into the cavity at the back of the canvas frame. The HP Vivera inks are perfect for this product, as they penetrate the microscopic canvas fibres, without blocking the sound from moving through the canvas holes to the noise cushioning behind."?

In addition, a bespoke software system developed by ap denmark enables PSPs like Sumopix to tile images used for acoustic graphics. At the touch of a button, the system automatically calculates the necessary changes to make to the stretcher bar to ensure no image distortion. Without this software, mounting an image to multiple tiled frames would take between two and four hours to calculate - but with the ap demark solution, this can be completed within minutes.?

ap denmark - which was established in 2008 and has developed a strong customer base of digital printers - places particular emphasis on its speed of delivery, offering a two day service to any country within Scandinavia and two to four days via courier to other worldwide locations. For the acoustic graphic applications, Norholm claims that the Dutch market has been the fastest adopter of the solution, with the rest of mainland Europe now growing rapidly.

Norholm said: "In Europe today, Sumopix is currently the only producer of this service, and has recently developed a stock image library to enable customers to choose from over five million images. This service has significantly streamlined the process of image selection and location, while also providing access to a huge database of stunning new images, and combined text and image opportunities."



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