Sat, Aug

Kornit Discover days announced

Textile printer manufacturer Kornit Digital is inviting printers, garment decorators, and anyone curious about the sector to a series of newly introduced ‘Kornit Discover’ events. The first will take place 3-4 April in New York, the next on 11-12 April in Dusseldorf, Germany and on 15-17 April in Hong Kong.
The events will incorporate educational workshops and real-world insights delivered by guest speakers. Visitors will also get hands-on demonstrations of Kornit’s latest printers, including a new version of the Avalanche direct-to-garment printing system suitable for polyester. “There are still a lot of perceptions and opinions in the market about direct-to-garment printing and what its opportunities and limitations are,” said Omer Kulka, Kornit Digital’s vice president of marketing and product strategy. “We are creating an industry event that will challenge these established thinking patterns.”

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