Fri, Aug

Be rattled

If you’re thinking of moving into textiles you’re going to love this issue - the ‘What To Watch’ feature gives you a heads-up on all the latest developments in terms of digital print production, while the Zeitgeist piece points out that you can get involved without shelling out for new kit at all!

And to top of it off there’s a piece on how fabric print specialist RA Smart is working with educational establishments to help get the message out to tomorrow’s designers about today’s digital textile print capabilities.

If you’d still rather give all that a wide berth, there’s plenty else to catch up on, from Oki’s likely late entry into the flatbed market to how the smartphone has only just begun to transform the way we do business.

Indeed, large-format PSPs continue to evolve at a rapid rate, and bear little resemblance to the print shops of yore, though it’s that identity that lingers in the minds of most. Given that the Graphics Print and Media Alliance (GPMA) - the umbrella group of print/paper trade associations - is actively pursuing an agenda with government to promote best practice, enhance competitiveness and formulate effective public policy and delivery, it’s surely important that this sector is properly represented. This month you’ll see that I’ve been talking to BPIF CEO Charles Jarrold about the matter (see Talking Point), and he says he’s very happy to hear from anyone who thinks their issues go unheard - whether they are BPIF members of not. Fespa UK is of a similar mind, so be brave and rattle some cages.