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So the Print Technician Standard Level 3 apprenticeship programme has finally been approved and we’re being told that now progress needs to be made on the application for a Level 2 Trailblazer. Understood. But can I ask, will these programmes deliver for the large-format sector?

You been to vote yet? Wondering if whichever way you do so will impact your business going forward? The latest BPIF Printing Outlook shows Brexit voiced as the top business concern among the printers it surveys - ahead of competitor pricing. Is it your main concern too?

So, Westcoast has acquired Colourgen. I wonder what other acquisitions are on the cards in this sector over the coming months. Do you expect to see more takeovers and a contracting supplier network, and do you see such a development impacting you?

Seems everyone has gone to Munich - or at least been there this week. You’ll see from the news item herein that there have been plenty of new offerings to look over and assess. I’d be interested to hear from you on which new products you consider most groundbreaking!

As this lands with you I’ll be winging my way to Munich in preparation for tomorrow’s Fespa Global show opening. With so many promises of what’s to come, it’s hardly surprising that this enewsletter is somewhat short - a packed schedule of press conferences starts first thing and I’ll be uploading news stories to our website and on social media throughout the event so worry not if you’re Blighty bound. Announcements already made can be found at: http://bit.ly/2E2aucS

You have to hand it to the Sustainable Green Printing Partnership (SGP). As a non-profit body set on advocating a more accountable sustainable supply chain, it’s doing the business. Its announcement that it will field someone to speak at the Green Sports Alliance (GSA) two-day summit in the US next month is a breath of fresh air. Great to see a print focussed organisation taking its message to the wider community. Fab. Something we should be trying harder to replicate in the UK?

The BAPC, in its latest newsletter, has flagged up that the Government has published further advice on Brexit for UK small businesses. The advisory covers a range of issues, from changes to UK-EU trade following Brexit, to alterations to how businesses send and receive personal data. It’s worth a look-see. Go to: https://www.gov.uk/business-uk-leaving-eu

Print Power is continuing its mission to get people to understand the true value of print - its latest marketing missal announcing that ‘advertising has an image problem’ in a digital age and that ‘print can help’ in what has become a cluttered, chaotic and sometimes misleading landscape. Like the sentiment, but wondering how many printers get the chance to have that kind of conversation with those holding the advertising purse strings. Do you?

According to the sixth Drupa Global Trends Report, the global print industry as a whole is in a stable condition - but there are plenty of caveats. It’s well worth reading beyond the headline to get a fuller idea of where the winners and losers are - not that you’ll be very surprised I daresay. The data just might help with your business planning though. And not long now until you’ll be able to get an in-depth look at how large-format print businesses in the UK specifically see things - Widthwise 2019 will be with you in early June!

Yay, nearly chocolate time! Hoping you all manage to at least see something of the sun over the Bank Holiday weekend. Our normal enewsletter service will resume on Thursday 25 April. Will be Fespa before we can blink!

When you read that the likes of the ABB FIA Formula E Championship is rolling out non-PVC branding and trackside signage at race events to slash its plastic usage, you’ve got to think that the tide is really turning and that eco-friendly print is climbing up the agenda again - don’t you?

So the big ‘B’ date is now Halloween - seems apt. If the UK remains in this state of uncertainty until then, will it impact your business more than if we came out with a No Deal scenario any earlier?

Are you going to the Fespa UK hosted ‘A Passion for Print’ textile conference on Wednesday? Sadly, I can’t be there so I’d appreciate hearing the thoughts of attendees - especially if it impacts your decision on whether or not to move into textile print. Thank you.

OK, if there’s one thing that really stood out for me at Sign and Digital UK on my visit to the show earlier this week, it was that kit and consumables suppliers are finally getting on board with the applications showcase thing that we’ve been going on about for so long as a necessity for broadening the appeal and expanding the customer-base for digital print - there were some fab examples, and I’ll even name Antalis and CMYUK specifically for their efforts. The thing is, wouldn’t they be better off doing this at shows that draw a bigger creative and potential end specifier audiences? Actually, Antalis was doing so at the VM Show in London this week too. After all, doing so at print trade shows is surely telling people what they already know isn’t it? Not, that knowing the various print possibilities necessarily gets PSPs to enter new niche applications areas - we’ll provide data on how the UK and Ireland’s large-format print companies are approaching various vertical markets in the soon-to-be published Widthwise Report 2019 – you can get a heads-up on the key findings right now. But, if you are doing something whacky and wonderful, please let me know.

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