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Aware of Reforest’Action

For every roll of inkjet media you buy CMA imaging will plant/protect a tree in Peru as part ofthis little-known initiative.

Just over a year ago Ilford Imaging acquired CMA Graphix, a provider of colour management solutions and of inkjet papers across Europe and America. Following Ilford’s financial meltdown the company is again operating – as CMA Imaging – and as an independent business. And, in collaboration with Reforest’Action, it is pledging to plant/protect a tree in Peru for each roll of inkjet media sold.

Managing director Gerardo Cerros says of the move: “The environmental impact of the printing industry is well known and even though we have a range of PEFC and FSC certified media, we feel that we should be doing more to minimise the effect on the planet.

“In fact, there is a dedicated CMA Imaging Plot in Peru where new trees will be planted or existing trees are protected. This initiative will generate important benefits not only for the environment but also for the local communities.”

All the trees planted as part of the Reforest’Action activities are accounted for within the Plant for a Planet initiative which was initiated by the United Nations Environmental Programme. The local inhabitants of the region protect each tree that naturally grows up and would not survive from animal agressions without this protection. They are the sole beneficiaries as over time, they are able to harvest the fruits from tree. The tree also has a very positive impact on the biodiversity within the region by creating living spaces for plants and even endangered animals.

CMA Imaging, perhaps best known for its colour management products, says it wants to give its customers the opportunity to give something back to the environment, and has pledged to plant or protect 2,500 trees for the next 2,500 rolls of inkjet media that are sold.

CMA inkjet media covers proofing and fine art papers as well as sign and display materials, and a fine art media for use with solvent printers is also on the cards. The papers are manufactured to CMA’s specification by various suppliers around the world and sold in the UK via a number of distributors including Spandex, Signmaster, NE Plastics and Image to Output.

Mark Sanderson, CMA’s VP global sales, says: “This isn’t about growing sales, it’s about doing some good. We should all be doing something for the environment. Next on our list is to look into making our transportation carbon neutral. The nature of the paper industry is that you have transport materials for many miles and we want to try and do something about the environmental impact of that.

“But first up is Reforest’Action, which isn’t that well known but it’s doing great work and we can all help.”

Reforest’Action is basically a social business that enables companies to concretely act in favour of the environment. At www.reforestaction.com companies, their colleagues and clients plant trees in Senegal, Peru, India or France.

Commenting on the commitment made by CMA Imaging, Stéphane Hallaire, managing director of Reforest’Action, says: “We are looking to attract forward thinking companies such as CMA Imaging, who take their environmental responsibilities seriously, to the programme. To date we have planted over 270,000 trees all over the planet and so the programme has had a positive impact on the local communities as well as the habitat. The initiative that CMA Imaging has now implemented will not only help the environment but it will raise awareness of the initiative in a new market.

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