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Step it up in terms of experimentation and integration or witness wide-format print missing the mark in terms of potential. So how do your respond to that key takeaway from the 2013 Fespa Global Summit?

Want a European perspective on what’s happing in digital print, including wide-format? Then you’ll be interested in these newly released findings of the 2012 EDP Survey.

This is the fourth consecutive year that Image Reports has conducted the Widthwise Survey, asking printers of all sizes about business, market and technology issues. During the last four-year period, the large-format industry has been revolutionised by technology and economic turmoil. Since that shake-out, the pace of change hasn’t slowed but that change is typically now more incremental than transformational.

Image Reports has just published the results of its third annual survey of print companies involved in wide-format print across the UK and Ireland. The findings are explored in detail in the Widthwise Report, a free copy of which can be downloaded from the IR website, but here’s a synopsis of the key issues.

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