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Are we going to see more ‘regional powerhouses’ as the print sector continues reshaping? We asked Jim Kerr, CEO of the newly founded Astra Group, about his decision to unite two of the UK’s leading digital and traditional signage businesses - and if it’s a move he thinks others will follow.

Colin McMahon - senior market research analyst at PTC focused on understanding how digital transformation empower organisations, processes, and people - outlines the value of no-code software tools.

What is the metaverse, and will it ever have anything to do with you? Walter Hale future-gazes to try and find some answers.

Is your business sustainable? Do you need to add services and solutions to make it so? Can you do that on your own, or should you form more partnerships? Mike Freely, marketing and sustainability director at Service Graphics Display, believes in the latter.

It’s been a tough year, with many PSPs diversifying to cushion the fall in work from traditional markets. So could textile printing for the likes of the décor market be worth considering? Robin East, CMYUK group sales and marketing director, argues the case for doing so. 

Given it’s autumn 2021, spring 2022 May seem some way off. But don’t get caught out. Now’s the time to start readying for the new tax, which comes into force next April.

Long Covid - how much of a disability could it prove, and what does it mean for your business? Employment lawyer Anna Bithrey of Taylor Walton explains your legal responsibilities.

Fespa UK and the BPIF are together undertaking a survey to find out what the large-format sector wants in terms of training - and what we can do to stimulate careers within print. You can help, as Fespa UK director Suzi Wilkinson explains.

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