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Media not mediocre

Fujifilm’s euromedia experience brings innovation, creativity and wonderful product names to the world of flexible media for large-format printing.

Sustainable POS in retailing

What can the ‘green’ initiatives instigated major retailers say about the way you’re going to have to operate to continue to win their print business? By Steve Lister, business development director, Robert Horne.

Image Reports has just published the results of its third annual survey of print companies involved in wide-format print across the UK and Ireland. The findings are explored in detail in the Widthwise Report, a free copy of which can be downloaded from the IR website, but here’s a synopsis of the key issues.

Two heads are better than one

We all understand the importance of networking and interactivity in terms of knowledge sharing in business. As the world gets smaller, should we be looking towards forming more global partnerships? Tecna Display MD Jonathan Evitt thinks so.

Blueprint for Print Providers

Diversification is crucial to the success and growth of many of today's print businesses. But just how does that work at grass roots level? Jon Baker, director at NES, tells his company's story.

What the agencies want

 How do you convince agencies/creatives that wide-format print deserves a bigger share of the media budget? Donna Brown, head of offline production at OgilvyOne Worldwide, tells it as she sees it.

The wonder of textiles

Keep in touch with the leaders if you want to keep pace with change. Neschen illustrates how it's helping create new markets for digitally printed textiles.

Launching into labels

Many of today's wide-format inkjet machines are more than cut out for producing labels and decals as Sophie Matthews-Paul explains.

High five for Adobe

Sophie Matthews-Paul takes a first look at Adobe's Creative Suite 5 Design Premium and finds it worth celebrating.

Virtu glass print line

Sophie Matthews-Paul visits WP Digital to check out this finely tuned printer development.

The extra factor

Improving workflow and broadening output options are just some of the features found in today's software as Sophie Matthews-Paul outlines.

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