Sun, Jan

Swedboard introduces new ‘green’ boards

Swedish company Swedboard has introduced a number of environmentally-friendly printable boards into the European market. The company is selling the substrates direct, with UK product storage at early user Data Image in Narborough, close to Leicestershire.
There are three ranges available – SB Fibre, SB Composite Premium and SB Solid – all of which come in 1220mm, 1600mm, 2030mm, 2400mm and 2500mm widths as standard. The maximum length of each sheet 4200mm. The FSC certified, 100% recyclable SB Fibre is a rigid, dust free paperboard that does not crack (in any direction) on bending. The surface is waterproof and can take heat and cold. It comes as SB Fibre Premium 10mm and 16mm, SB Fibre Brown 10mm and 16mm, and as SB Fibre WhiteCore 16mm. SB Fibre FireRetardant (16mm) will be launched in the spring. SB Solid Premium is a 100% recyclable paper material 1mm thick. SB Composite Premium is PVC free - though not yet recyclable - and is also FSC certified, has a waterproof surface, and can take heat and cold. It comes as SB Composite Premium 5mm, 10mm, 16mm, 20mm and 40mm. There are plans for a 3mm version to be introduced in March/April 2020. Swedboard will only take orders from PSPs of one pallet (105 10mm sheets on a pallet, 65 16mm sheets, 50 20mm sheets, 25 40mm sheets) or more to keep costs and environmental impact down to the minimum. Sales and marketing manager Tommy Andersson said: We have chosen to not work with any distributors in the European market - we sell directly to the big volume customers in each country. We can therefore give a very good price on our materials to the market. There are always going to be materials that are cheaper, but our materials are very competitive for what they deliver.

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