Thu, Apr

Caldera launches upgraded PCs

Caldera has brought out three new PCs to deliver a more powerful hardware/Rip software solution. The C1, C2 and C3 v2020.01 have been developed in conjunction with Dell to be plug-and-print. They come pre-loaded with Linux OS and the Caldera Rip.
The three new PCs offer improved processing power over previous Caldera PCs. The C1 is 27% faster on halftone and 51% faster on contone compared to the previous C1. These figures move up to 32% and 70% respectively for the C2, and 44% and 75% for the C3, over their previous equivalents. All feature independent recovery due to the inclusion of a restoration USB stick. The new range features a Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe) Interface for SSD on PCle, which can be four times faster than SATA SSD. Dell ProSupport is included in the deal, with a three-year warranty, 24-hour 365-day phone support and onsite intervention on the day after calling. The C2 and C3 are more powerful. The Caldera C2 comes with an Intel i5 processor and Nvidia GT730, while the Caldera C3 features an Intel i9 processor and Nvidia P1000. Both have NVMe interfaces and come with the Dell ProSupport package.

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