Tue, Nov

Mimaki unveils new direct-to-object printers

Mimaki has unveiled four new direct-to-object LED UV inkjet printers - a speedy UJF-7151 plusII and the new UJF-MkII e Series, comprising three small-format machines.

The UJF-7151 plusII is equipped with eight printheads, which enable dual four-colour (CMYK) ink configurations. This, in turn, allows faster print speeds of up to 190% compared to the previous UJF-7151 plus model. The new printer also has MFD2 (half-toning) processing functionality to further control dot position. The result of this increased control is sharper edges and finer lines as well as fewer colour irregularities. 

The UJF-7151 plusII’s six-colour configuration includes light cyan and light magenta and it can achieve 1,800dpi. A Colour Gloss function adds a glossy finish to hardened colour inks. Load capacity has been increased to 30kg. 

The UJF-MkII e Series comprises the UJF-3042MkII e and UJF-3042MkII Ex e with a print area of 300mm x 420mm, and the UJF-6042MkII with a print size of 610mm x 420mm. 

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