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Kavalan creator releases eco pledge video

Taya - creator of the Kavalan PVC-free banner material range - has issued a call to arms for the print sector to become more environmentally responsible.

The call comes in the shape of a the ‘Kavalan PVC-Free Pledge for the Planet’, a video highlighting the prevalence of greenwashing and how the life cycle analysis (LCA) process can help substantiate these claims.

The video addresses the severity of the climate crisis, and how the wide-format sector can play its part in the crucial effort to reduce the effects.

The video features comments from global retail sustainability strategist Steve Lister, who explains the LCA process and why it’s such a useful tool for eradicating misleading statements and replacing them with verified data. 

Vincent Lin, VP Taya, said: “This video is a declaration of intent that says ‘enough is enough’. It reflects the huge amount of research and analysis completed on our Kavalan range, enabling us to detail with confidence just how much of a difference it can make in the wide-format banner industry.

“Not only that, it paints a highly insightful and at times shocking picture of how severe an environmental threat we’re facing, and helps us understand how knowing the facts and fighting disinformation can help the banner industry and beyond to protect our planet more effectively.”

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