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Fespa UK Association to hold ‘Future of Print Industry Forum’

Fespa UK Association will run a ‘Future of Print Industry Forum’ at Hatfield House on the 10 March 2022. The event, the association’s first of 2022, will be an open discussion based around its waste management programme, sustainability in print, and topics such as employee wellbeing, business development and how to adapt for the future.

The afternoon will begin with a networking lunch, followed by a panel of industry experts and successful printers engaging with the audience to discuss strategies and offer an insight into their own business models. 

Suzi Wilkinson, MD of Fespa UK Association, said: “This is about coming together as a community, making a change together, and making a lasting commitment as an industry for the future.”

She hopes the meeting will help move the waste initiative forward, with likeminded printers coming together and helping to create an infrastructure for waste collection, not only of the initial requested materials PVC banner and Polypropylene, but to discuss other materials that they struggle to collect enough of to recycle, or just can’t find an outlet for the substrate to go to other than landfill or incineration. 

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