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Enfocus looks beyond graphic arts market

PDF quality control, editing and workflow automation company Enfocus has revealed new branding and strategic vision to take it beyond its traditional graphics arts market.

“2022 is an exciting year for the Enfocus team and we’ve truly hit the ground running. Our image is not the only thing that is evolving - our business is too. We have a new company strategy, which redefines our vision, mission and next strategic steps, including growth in new markets beyond print,” said Tomas Van Rossom, general manager of Enfocus, well known for its Pitstop Pro, Pitstop Server, Connect, Switch, and BoardingPass products in the print sector.

“At Enfocus, we are all about agility - tailoring software solutions to meet our customers’ specific needs. It’s not about force-fitting our technology and innovation for its own sake. It’s about ensuring we always build the most versatile automation software to eradicate duplication, errors and waste in businesses. As such, our new branding reflects who we are and where we are going, centred around the theme of doing business ‘your way’ - a sentiment that is core to our business philosophy.”

The revised Enfocus vision statement lays out the company’s new goal, ‘to be the preferred software platform that prevents people from doing the same task twice’.

“To complement this evolution of the Enfocus brand and strategy, we are building an integrated product suite that enables us to develop more solution packages for our customers. Additionally, we are growing our team to better support our customers, new and old, who are in turn bringing innovative ideas into our business. This truly is a new generation of Enfocus - all the qualities we’re known for pushed to the next level,” said Van Rossom.

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