InkTec’s Jetrix inks achieve GreenGuard Gold certification

Two of InkTec’s Jetrix ink ranges have achieved GreenGuard gold accreditation - ULE ink for the Jetix LXiR3230/XGR320 and ULS for the LXi6/LXi7/LXi8 printers.

GreenGuard certification is an internationally recognised environmental accreditation measures VOC levels in products and through analysis determines whether they are safe to use in sensitive environments. The Jetrix inks that have achieved the gold status are manufactured at InkTec’s headquarters in South Korea and are the go-to ink for the complete Jetrix printer series.

“We are very proud to have received this important independent certification for our Jetrix inks. In fact, to have received the superior gold accreditation is all due credit to the diligent achievements of our research and development team. What is more it also delivers punchy colours, consistent quality combined with efficiency and low production costs,” said Joey Kim, InkTec managing director.


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