Self-Adhesive Industry Sustainability Action Group formed

A number of companies have come together to form a new Self-Adhesive Industry Sustainability Action Group to collectively solve the key sustainability challenges facing the sector.

SAISAG founding members are Pyramid Display, Greens the Signmakers, 3M, Antalis, William Smith, Metamark, Avery Dennison, Arlon, Spandex, Contravision, RGVA, OPG and Reconomy. The group is chaired by sustainability consultant Steve Lister.

“We are thrilled to announce the launch of the Self-Adhesive Industry Sustainability Action Group, a pioneering initiative that brings together some of the biggest names in the self-adhesive films industry in the UK, in a united effort to lead the industry towards a more sustainable future,” said Lister.
“The focus on sustainability has never been greater and the call to action has never been louder. Individually, each company [in the SAISAG] has been working on their own sustainability strategies and developing innovative and sustainable products. However, when it comes to the challenge of tackling end of life recycling and circular economy issues, a collaborative approach is required.”
He added: "Our mission is to lead the self-adhesive films industry towards a sustainable future. We focus on dealing with waste through the waste hierarchy - prioritising waste prevention and minimisation, followed by creating new waste recycling solutions and waste-to-energy alternatives to divert waste materials away from landfill. We encourage the development of new recycling initiatives that reduce landfill waste and increase recycling rates. By collaborating we believe we can make a tangible difference in mitigating the impact of our products on the environment.”

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