Agfa Tauro printers and Anuvia inks obtain 3M guarantee

Agfa’s Tauro wide-format printer series and Anuvia 1551 ink have been granted the 3M performance guarantee. 

In combination with a variety of 3M media, the Tauro printer series and the Anuvia ink set (CMYK + light colors and white) were subjected to a series of tests carried out under 3M’s assessment conditions to qualify for the guarantee, which provides assurance that 3M media will meet the highest quality standards with the tested printers/inks.

Dieter Jancart, segment manager high end systems for Agfa, said: “Our best-in-class Tauro printers provide a modular printer platform with advanced automation options. With the 3M performance guarantee we are even better equipped to give our customers peace of mind and empower them to meet the highest quality standards and achieve boundless creativity.” 


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