WTTB snaps up European rights to comms platform

WTTB has secured the European rights to CAMI, a system that allows people to deliver personalised video messages via a special downloadable QR code. People can incorporate a CAMIcode into their printed materials, adding both impact and brand awareness.

Users will simply buy a code on the WTTB website and then can upload a 29 second video via the CAMI site to create their content, which can then be used in a variety of ways.  

CAMI was set up to “create meaningful interactions” with the mission to “increase personal engagement and emotion by creating a digital face-to-face experience – connecting people with family, friends and brands.” Initially developed for the gifting market, the founders have recognised that it has many more potential benefits across a host of industries.

Gary Peeling, CEO of WTTB, believes that CAMIcodes are a real game changer. “We know that video content is a really effective way to get people to engage and improve brand awareness,” he said, “and this system has gone one step further and created technology which has such widespread, positive implications for both the consumer and business. Adding a CAMIcode to printed materials will introduce a whole new level of positive interaction.

“We realised as soon as we saw it in action that it was a perfect fit for us and the endless ways it could be used.”

As an introductory offer, CAMICodes are for sale at WTTB at £4 each with a discounted price for five codes.

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