RGVA offers Clean Air truck graphics

Maidstone-based commercial fleet graphics specialist RGVA, in conjunction with Hollywood Monster, is launching an air-cleaning trailer graphics solution based on Clean Air by Resysten - the clear, spray-on coating which, when activated by sunlight, breaks down airborne pollutants. RGVA is now offering the solution on its Traxx trailer framing system.  

The ISO certified product developed by Clean Air primarily targets harmful nitrogen oxides (NOx) pollutants - a single trailer fitted with Traxx banners can negate the impact of 2,555 average vehicle journeys per year.

Mike Freely, director of Clean Air, said: “We have been working as part of a joint venture with Resysten, the company that created the original advanced antimicrobial surface coating. Together, we have developed that technology over a number of years into an atmospheric pollutant remover.

“The premise of the system is simple - the combination of a trailer’s large surface area and the distances it travels gives the Clean Air coating plenty of opportunities to work its magic. Breaking down airborne pollutants simply by passing through them, we’re able to help businesses as they strive to cut emissions and improve sustainability.”

The Clean Air coating’s core ingredient – titanium dioxide (TiO2) – is a photocatalyst that uses sunlight to break down NOx particles into harmless nitrogen, oxygen and nitrates, dispersing them back into the environment.

Clean Air has achieved ISO 22197-1 accreditation for the specialist coating, demonstrating an ability to decompose NOx at a rate of 222mg per m² per day. With 64m² of Traxx banners fitted to a standard 13.6m trailer, a treated system will come into contact with 12,800m³ of air each day, ‘cleaning’ around 5.2kg of NOx over a year.

RGVA managing director Kieran McCabe said: “Though the science behind the Clean Air product is well established, we’ve been working on perfecting it for the transport industry for some time. Through RGVA and Hollywood Monster’s graphics expertise, we’re now able to provide fleet operators with a movable marketing and promotional tool that also delivers a workable sustainability solution - it’s a combination that we’re excited to showcase to our customers.”

Printing of the Traxx banners and the application of the coating is carried out by Hollywood Monster. CEO Simon McKenzie said: “This product has the ability to make a big impact at a negligible cost. With looming net zero deadlines, we want to remove the barriers for companies trying to find ways to reduce their day-to-day environmental impact.”

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