Durst Group expands P5 portfolio with Pack series

Durst has introduced a P5 Pack series of printers designed forĀ the highly automated production of corrugated displays and packaging. The first machines are expected to be available in Q3 2024.

With the P5 Pack series, Durst is introducing a new inkset tailored to the requirements of display and packaging printing. The Luvera LED ink is characterised by low odour and high abrasion resistance. The inks are also IKEA and IOT-Mat compliant.

The new P5 350 HS Pack combines the versatility of a P5 hybrid printing system with the ability to print on a wide range of materials used in the POP/POS and retail markets.

It is equipped with a material guide and pressure rollers system aim to ease production. Automated corrugated edge holders avoid collisions between the print heads and the substrates. The width and height are set automatically by simply selecting the media channel in the software, which significantly reduces set-up time.

In addition, a vacuum system increases the suction power on the print belt by up to 40% compared to the conventional systems. This means that even heavy and warped corrugated boards can be flattened and printed cleanly.

The P5 Pack series includes the sensor-controlled Multitrack 6 function. Managed by six independent printing queues, this enables up to six corrugated boards to be printed in parallel by manual feeding.

The P5 Pack series, as all P5 printing systems, can be equipped with the proprietary Durst Workflow Rip/colour management and analytics software.

In this context, the P5 350 HS Pack can be combined with the Durst Automat MT. With this new solution for the automatic feeding and stacking of boards, up to four lanes can be processed in parallel. The multi-lane operation of the Automat MT works together with the Multitrack 6 function of the P5 350 HS Pack.

"With the Automat MT, we can map different levels of automation, ranging from three-quarters to full automation. This allows us to raise our customers' productivity to a new level," said Christian Harder, vice president sales at Durst.

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