Venture Banners celebrates with expansion

Venture Banners is celebrating its 15th anniversary with a £400,000 investment that includes an expansion in production space and new fabric printing and cutting equipment.  In addition, the company has welcomed seven new members of staff across its production, studio, and sales teams.

The technology investment is aimed at expanding production capacity and optimising the turnaround times. A 3.4m EFI Vutek FabriVu 340i+ dye-sublimation printer becomes Venture Banners’ third FabriVu.  It is being joined by a 3.2m Zund cutter with fabric cutting capabilities, the company’s fourth device from Zund.

Increased capacity has necessitated an increase in packing space, which Venture Banners has addressed by taking on an additional 280m2 unit. This has freed up both production and packing space in the company’s existing 1950m2 factory in Braintree.

Scott Conway, director and co-founder of Venture Banners, said: “If you’d told me when we started Venture Banners in my garage 15 years ago that this is where we’d be today, I would have believed you. That is how sure we were that there was a gap in the market for making wide-format print services accessible to jobbing printers. Over those 15 years we have built a great name in the industry, but the next step for us was to be able to offer even faster turnaround times to our customers. This new investment in the business has expanded our capacity such that we can now offer an express turnaround with confidence and ease, something that we’re very excited about.”

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