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Credit control bundle for hard-pressed printers

The Forum of Private Business has pledged to help printers struggling with cashflow by issuing free copies of a new credit control package it has produced.

The organisation says it has identified the print sector as one severely affected by late and slow payment, and one that could gain the most from the free bundle, which includes hints, tips, and advice on how small business can manage all their credit needs, from being paid on time, to accessing external finance.

The bundle contains a copy of the Forum’s credit control guide, which features templates for invoices, tips on how to handle bad debtors, and ways to negotiate shorter payment times. There’s also a guide on what firms can do to improve their credit rating, and another stand alone guide, written by a former bank boss, on how to get your bank manager to agree a loan or overdraft.

“We know printers are feeling the pinch at the minute, and we’re certain many will find our credit control bundle helpful,” said Forum spokesman, Robert Downes. “It’s common knowledge that the print industry is unfortunately used to rather long payment times so we’re fairly sure our guide can help some printers shrink these down a bit, and give them a good steer for future contracts.”

The Forum’s bundle also offers a substantive section on how businesses can improve their credit rating.

“We know that there are already a lot of guides out there that will give you the ‘official’ information you need when it comes to applying for finance. But many of them do little more than send you off in different directions to gather the knowledge you need. Our guide has it all in one place,” added Downes.

To access the bundle go to www.fpb.org/creditcontrol, enter company details, and the 18 page guide will be sent in PDF format.


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