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Mimaki brings out UV flatbed JFX-1631

Mimaki brings out UV flatbed JFX-1631

The JFX-1631 grand format, flatbed printer tops Mimaki's range of UV printers and boasts a low power consumption, long lasting and low heat emitting LED UV curing system for efficiency. One inherent feature of the LED technology is that it requires no 'warm up' time, so can be switched on and off as required, reducing energy consumption and extending the life of the LEDs to somewhere in the region of 5,000 hours.
The JFX-1631 has a bed size of 1.6m x 3.1m and can print substrates up to 50mm thick. It incorporates eight printheads to achieve a print speed twice that of previous models and uses high-resolution linear motors for ultra-fine step accuracy and dot placement.

Mimaki offers two types of UV ink for the machine - either the proven flexible ink set created in conjunction with 3M (that features on the UJV-160) or a hard set that also features a white for printing to clear or coloured substrates. The flexible ink set stretches up to 200% (dependent upon media) and can be cut through, creased and scored after printing. Mimaki has a primer to improve ink keying to certain materials - expanding the capabilities of the JFX beyond the basics of display graphics output, towards glass, metals and other more demanding substrates.

The printer is available through exclusive UK and Ireland distributor Hybrid Services.


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