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Converting textured surfaces into promotional tools

Converting textured surfaces into promotional tools

Many textured building surfaces that have proved 'off-limits' for promotional signs and graphics due to the need for a graphic film that could effectively be applied to them could benefit from the new Scotchcal IJ8624/8624ES Graphic Film for Textured Surfaces.
This highly conformable 50-micron cast film has been developed specifically to allow promotional graphics to be applied to moderately textured flat or curved surfaces as diverse as concrete block, brick, tile, poured cement and stucco. The film will conform and mould over indoor and outdoor textured, painted or unpainted surfaces and is sufficiently flexible to wrap around columns.

3M IJ8624/8624ES, which includes the dimensionally stable 3M Scotchcal 8524 Luster Overlaminate, can be used to create photographic-quality images that can be cleanly removed by the application of heat without any impairment of the underlying substrate. The film has a high level of resistance to the effects of weathering, chemicals and other pollutants and provides outstanding hiding power on any substrate colour due to an application-sensitive grey pigmented adhesive.

The removable white graphic film can be printed using either solvent-based inkjet or electrostatic printing processes and has a predicted outdoor life span of up to six months and a minimum two years' durability when used internally. 3M IJ8624/8624ES is available from 3M's primary distributors William Smith and Spandex.

For further information, visit www.3m.co.uk/graphicsolutions or telephone 01344 857040.

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