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Digital flatbed die-cutter from Gerber

Digital flatbed die-cutter from Gerber

The new M Turbo flatbed digital die-cutting system from Gerber Scientific Products allows you to rout .080 aluminum and thick rigid materials up to 1in as well as rout thinner rigid boards up to four times faster than with the standard M Series router. The M Turbo, launched at Print 09, has a router head configured to the M Series T3 tool head design, so it can take advantage of all of all the standard M Series tools.
Gerber is also offering a Signshop Helper graphics package free for a limited time with its new Omega software packages and Omega 3.0 software upgrades.  The Signshop Helper clip art package offers 2000 pieces that can be used as a base for decoration and personalization by sign shops. The Signshop Helper graphics package includes sign backgrounds such as lightning, flames, metallic and watermark looks for signs using large-format printers or the Gerber Edge.

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