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Colour L*A*B* schedule published

Fespa has released the conference programme and tour times for its new Colour L*A*B* feature at Fespa Global (Hall B4, Messe Munich, 14 - 17 May 2019).
The seminars include talks by: Paul Sherfield, owner of The Missing Horse Consultancy; Laurel Brunner and Paul Lindstrom from Digitaldots.org; Mike Scrutton, director of print technology at Adobe; and Dr Andreas Kraushaar, director of pre-press, Fogra. Lindstrom’s presentation will look at extending the colour gamut for digital wide-format, while Brunner’s will focus on colour management as a fundamental part of process control and automation in media workflows. Scrutton will look at colour in Creative Suite, covering file creation in Adobe CS, as well as tips and tricks on how to produce files correctly at the pre-press stage. Kraushaur’s presentation will give an overview of PSD (Process Standard Digital), a standardised procedure introduced by Fogra for the creation of digital print products. The half-hour seminars will run daily at 11am - 4.30pm on the 14, 15 and 16 May, and 11am - 3pm on the 17 May. Sherfield, Brunner and Lindström will also run guided tours of Colour L*A*B*, providing an overview of all individual elements contributing to professional colour management, including monitors, measurement and calibration tools, lightboxes, hard and soft proofing, software solutions and print output devices. The 45-minute long tours will run throughout the course of the show, five times a day on the 14, 15 and 16 May, and three times a day on the 17. The tours can be booked in advance via the Fespa Global Print Expo website.

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