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Fujifilm supports the Think Bigger report

To promote the power of print to the creative community and stimulate continuous innovation...

As a leading player in the printing industry, Fujifilm recognises it has a key role to play in the future of the industry and is committed to raising awareness of the unlimited potential of print among a wider audience, including print service providers, marketers and the creative design community. With a focus on increasing the understanding of print as a powerful communications medium, Fujifilm decided to supporting the ‘Think Bigger Report’, as it recognised its potential to serve as a platform from which to showcase some of the most original ways in which the power of print can be exploited to maximise communications campaigns.

The overarching aim of the Think Bigger Report is to establish communications channels between the print world and the creative community, stimulating debate and nurturing dialogue to encourage and explore the use and benefits of print-based applications.

Fujifilm believes that establishing a stronger connection between the print and creative industries is crucial to ensure they maximise the advantages presented by today’s innovative print technologies.

The Think Bigger Report presents these exciting opportunities, which in turn, will stimulate the continuous innovation that is the driving force of the print industry. Over the past decade there have been many advances in print technology which have taken place at an astounding rate. And it is this wealth of technical advances that is benefitting Fujifilm’s customers today, enabling them to produce some of the most stimulating and creative print- based applications with significantly enhanced response rates.

It’s all too easy for the printing industry to take for granted just how stimulating print can be, and the industry as a whole can often be guilty of underestimating the value that print can deliver in communications campaigns, especially in this growing digital world. It’s all too easy to overlook just how impressive print-based projects are; how they stand out in a multi-faceted media landscape, and, more importantly, how they can stimulate greater response rates for brand owners. Every company involved in the creative and production environment should shout about their achievements, share ideas and experiences, and highlight print’s unique values in order to encourage the growth of print-based applications. Innovation can only be stimulated by communication, and what one company starts, another can progress even further.

Innovation can also be fostered by technological advance. With one of the industry’s largest R&D investments in inkjet technologies across wide format, commercial and packaging print segments, Fujifilm is at the forefront of developments that are helping to steer the inkjet explosion towards bigger and better things. In spite of its rapid growth in wide format, inkjet is still in its infancy and there’s no limit to the sectors that can make use of this existing technology.

Sign & display, interior decoration, design, retail and industrial markets are only just a few of the sectors where inkjet applications can be successfully applied to produce striking results. Extending the reach of print applications is essential to nurture creativity, generate new ideas and create new revenue streams. An eye-catching and multi- channel campaign supported by the clever use of print and creative substrates can generate enhanced customer engagement, which in turn, leads to profitable, previously unexplored new business opportunities.

Despite the ongoing digital revolution, print has certainly seen a revival in recent years and is enjoying a renewed image among the marketing community who once again recognise the distinct and beneficial characteristics of print as a communications medium. Today, its role is considered key in an integrated cross-media campaign, sitting alongside and complementing a whole range of digital activities. Yet, as the competition among media channels continues to increase in the marketing arena, leading equipment manufacturers and print service providers need to play their part in actively promoting the unparalleled features of print to ensure its appreciation as a modern, valid and unique communications tool.

Fujifilm believes that joining forces with the creative community and emphasising the compelling characteristics of print, will encourage people to see print from a different perspective, ultimately finding new and inspiring ways to use print in the marketing mix.

The Think Bigger Report is now available to read online here.


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