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On 24 June the Print4All conference ‘Future Factory’ will stream, focussing on sustainability and I4.0 working. The shake-up and fall-out from the Covid-19 pandemic makes the event more relevant than ever, so should it be in your diary?

The strapline for the aptly entitled ‘Future Factory’ Print4All conference 2020 is ‘together today for tomorrow’s future’ - so could you benefit from joining industry colleagues and competitors at what has been turned into an online ‘event’ that will stream in two parts (11am-1pm, 3pm- 5pm) on 24 June? 

The focus will be on sustainability and Industry 4.0 working, never more relevant than now. The last four months have seen a redrawing of private, public and business life, and the ‘new normal’ has yet to be fully established, but already there are lessons to be learned - and plenty of discussion to be had - on how to ensure a viable future for print.

Organised by Acimga (the Association of Italian Manufacturers of Machinery for the Graphic, Paper and Converting Industry) in collaboration with Argi (Italian Graphics Supplies Industry Providers) in preparation the next edition of the Print4All fair to be held in Milan within The Innovation Alliance’s project, the Future Factory conference - which will be delivered in English - aims not only to delve into matters of production efficiency, but also at preparing new and stable organisational and decision-making strategies that allow companies to be proactive and not simply responsive to situations.  

 It will kick off the Andrea Briganti and Enrico Barboglio, general managers of Acimga and Argi respectively, talking about how to build a future starting with opportunities emerging from crisis.

As stated, the conference programme will then focus on the pairing of I4.0 and sustainability, topics that are closely linked for future working. 

Nigel Tapper (Professor of Environmental Sciences at Monash University of Melburne, School of Earth, Atmosphere and Environment) will explain how the print industry must consider its role in protecting climate, and how the use and implementation of processes that create low climate impact become value topics for the supply chain and their stakeholders.  

Ulrich Leberle (raw materials director at CEPI) will show how the supply chain can design paper packaging in order to support recycling processes in a circular economy - harmonising test methods and national protocols is key for facilitating the work of printers as well as all the other players in the industry.  

The first session of the day will be rounded off by Vincenzo Baglieri, professor of practice at the SDA Bocconi School of Management, looking at the first Italian supply chain project using smart manufacturing.

In the second streaming of the day, Alice Bodreau (global partners manager at Ellen MacArthur Foundation) will delve into the industrial transition to circular economy, talking about strategies, business models and best practices in the printing and converting industry.  

The conference will then turn to look at artificial intelligence (AI) in relation to the graphics industry with Fabrizio Renzi, president and CEO rnbgate rnb4culture, and Angel Investor. 

If all of these big picture topics seem too far removed from your business, bear in mind that there will also be focus on the detail - on the market and the supply chain’s more concrete visions, with different round tables involving printers, creative agencies and brand-owners .  

You can sign up to the Print4All conference at conference.print4all.it/en.

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